ViwateQ® Finishing: optimal smoothness,
so less dirt adhesion & better cleanability

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ViwateQ® Finishing represents an entirely new way of surface treatment. ViwateQ® B.V. is able to bring stainless steel efficiently and effectively in an optimal condition.

A very pleasant side effect is that no chemicals are needed, so the use of ViwateQ® Finishing will not have a negative effect on the environment.

Although ViwateQ® Finishing is not a pickling process it removes the oxide film and simultaneously all unwanted contaminants, including the burned weld area. Immediately afterwards a new oxide layer arises by natural passivation.

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TNO concluded that compared with other commonly used surface treatments ViwateQ® Finishing is the best cleanable on micro scale.
Besides better cleanability and corrosion resistance, the surface structure of ViwateQ® Finishing also offers the advantage of better rolling characteristics of dry foods.

The ViwateQ® method was nominated for the Herman Wijffels Innovation price of the Rabobank in 2011.